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las vegas 4

Our last hotel at Vegas was Flamingo…checked out of Bally’s and checked in at Flamingo. It is one of the oldest hotels on the strip and has Flamingos as its theme…it has a courtyard which is a habitat for flamingos. The decor in this hotel is all pink…to match the pink of the flamingo. Good … Continue reading las vegas 4

Subscription Process

This post may seem ill timed…but let me explain I am given to understand that some of my viewers are under the impression that they have subscribed to my blog. But unfortunately they have not completed the subscription process and hence their email ids are not getting regular updates. It works like this. When you … Continue reading Subscription Process

Las vegas 3

The weekend saw unusual weather with temperatures dipping to near zero and we were caught unawares! Not having expected  this cold wave we had not carried our woollens and we did shiver at Las Vegas! We had decided to stay at different hotels in Las Vegas to enjoy different experiences. So we had to move … Continue reading Las vegas 3

Las Vegas 2

ABBA was on top of my mind…Money money money..the famous song kept reverberating in my mind…..after all we were hitting the casino….what if we hit a jackpot??? So we walked into the casino full of hope…took some time to understand how to play at the slot machines. After the initial learning process we actually started … Continue reading Las Vegas 2

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