Subscription Process

This post may seem ill timed…but let me explain

I am given to understand that some of my viewers are under the impression that they have subscribed to my blog. But unfortunately they have not completed the subscription process and hence their email ids are not getting regular updates.

It works like this.

When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you see a white box with the subscribe button beside it.

Please enter your email id in the white box and click on the subscribe button.

This gives an impression that your subscription is done. But it is not so.

There will be a message asking you to create a WordPress account.

(This also works like facebook….you need to have a wordpress Id to like a page or comment on it.Hence this requirement)

Go to .Click on Get Started at the top right of the screen.

Enter the same email id with which you want to subscribe to the blog followed by username and password. Click on Create Account.

(this is a one time process)

After this, go back to the home page of the blog, enter the same email id used at the time of wordpress account creation and click subscribe.

After this a message will pop up asking you to confirm the subscription.

Now go to your email and check for the email for wordpress subscription.

You have to click the confirm follow button. This completes the process and you will get a confirmation mail too..

Hope this helps anyone who is not getting email updates due to incomplete subscription process.


2 thoughts on “Subscription Process

  1. I have had many people say they have subscribed…but their IDs not reflecting in the followers and I tried explaining the process but many of them are not able to complete the process….Finally I decided to put up this blog….hopefully it helps….

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