Hi Friends,

This is my first attempt at travel blogging , and let me confess…I am no expert….

Just trying to put together my experiences…a travelogue of sorts…

First let me tell you about myself…i am a doctor by profession…a pathologist to be specific.

Bitten by the travel bug somewhere along the line

Lucky to have a travel addict as my spouse and together we have traveled far and wide.

I am planning to put together our travel experiences….more for the fun of reliving those moments and sharing them with interested friends.

Our son has been nudging me to get into travel blogging from some time…

Finally decided to take the plunge into this ocean of travel blogging

Hope you guys enjoy the stuff….pardon the flaws

Suggestions are welcome.

Let’s just travel together virtually.


9 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Wow leela very informative. Very much enjoyed to reading all about the countries thank you for sharing information


  2. SUDHA….thanks for the comments…please subscribe to the site by giving your mail id and clicking the subscribe button at the bottom…


  3. Wow you write so well and have enjoyed going through the experiences …glad your son got you to create a blog …now we can enjoy too

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