Vagamon is a pristine hill station lying 65 kilometers from Kottayam at its border with Idukki district in Kerala. Fresh cool air, green meadows, pine forests, small waterfalls and tea estates welcome you to this beautiful place. It is called “Queen of the mist” and lives up to its reputation in all ways.

At a height of 1200 metres above sea level, it comprises a chain of three hills…Thangal hill, Murugan hill and Kurisumala. A series of green hillocks called Mottakunnu ( bald hill) is the highlight . One can walk along the misty winding roads or along the estates, and enjoy peace and quiet. The more adventurous can indulge in trekking, hiking and even paragliding. Thus it provides ample recreational opportunities suited for various tastes.

Resorts and homestays suited to every pocket is available here making it an attractive destination for all.

The nearest airport is Kochi about 100 kms away.

Kottayam is the nearest railhead 65 kms away.

It is an easy drive from Kottayam.

We drove down the Salem Kochi highway and drove via Angamaly, Perumbavoor, muvattupuzha, thodupuzha.

The winding roads leading to Vagamon with pine forests was very beautiful.

The winding misty roads as we reached Vagamon

After checking into our resort and enjoying some hot tea and snacks, we walked around the resort enjoying the peace and calm.

Views from the resort with plenty of tea gardens

A small stream provided a gurgling sound in the peace and calm….

Lost in the beauty of the place, we never realised the time pass by till ……

We were witness to an amazing sunset

After a peaceful night’s sleep, we woke up to a misty morning.

A misty morning at Vagamon

Enjoying local tea and the cold weather, we had breakfast and set off to explore Vagamon.

Some pictures….

Vagamon Meadows or Mottakunnu( Bald hills)

A collection of small hillocks with grass or meadows spread over a vast area , in fact stretching as far as one can see is quite unique to this place. This type of bare hills are without trees and provides a peculiar ambience. The sheer vastness of this area leaves one spellbound.

It is a popular film shooting location. The hillocks are great hiking and trekking destinations.

In the dry season, the grass disappears and then they are brownish hillocks which look totally different.

Vagamon Meadows or Mottakunnu

The Meadows from a distance

Pine forest

A man made cluster of tall pine trees on a hill slope overlooking a valley provides a nice backdrop for many a picture!

Pine Forest Vagamon

Suicide Point

Also called Moonpara, it is a V shaped gorge and one can see the deep valley from here. Paragliding is an important activity here.

The abyss from suicide point

The valley below suicide point


All of us have at some point of time or the other wished that we could soar above the clouds like a free bird. Well Vagamon provides you that opportunity by way of paragliding.An emerging adventure sport activity , paragliding is thrilling and needless to say, requires special training to indulge in.

Vagamon is one of the paragliding destinations in India. Kolahalamedu hills , where this activity takes place at Vagamon; has a 10 km long ridge looking down at a valley 3000 ft deep. Paragliding depends on wind conditions and this location has ideal wind conditions for paragliding between the months of September and January. Most paragliding activities take place here during this period. International championships are held here usually in end September. Both professionals and amateurs indulge in paragliding here at that time.

The glider is a free flying foot launched aircraft and has a harness seat in which the pilot sits. The canopy is aerodynamic in design; made of nylon and attached to the harness seat by ropes. The pilot has full control of the glider and can manoeuvre it around. He can glide along like a bird enjoying the sights below. That sure must be a great experience!!

The pilot stands on the ridge and after ensuring all parameters are ready, runs down a slope. The wind soon starts filling the canopy and it opens out like a wing and the glider is airborne. For amateurs a professional pilot sits along with the person in a two seater glider and glides along.

Teams from the Indian Army and other Disaster management agencies regularly participate in the events held here apart from foreigners.

The colourful gliders soaring up and performing aerobatics is a sight to behold! When we visited Vagamon, the paragliding championships were due and we saw lot of people practicing for the event.

Some pictures….

A paraglider lands….

Soaring up in the sky….

Video of a paragliding session


Just 24 kms from Vagamon is another misty hill station called Kuttikanam. Tea estates, and beautiful hills provide great opportunities for mountain biking, hiking and trekking here. There are beautiful waterfalls at several places and the town is mist covered many a time making it a beautiful destination.

Some pictures…

Tea gardens

A waterfall

After spending a few days at this beautiful destination, we returned with wonderful memories .

Anyone wants to indulge in paragliding?….head to Vagamon and indulge in your dream.

Hope you enjoyed this trip…

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