Las vegas 3

The weekend saw unusual weather with temperatures dipping to near zero and we were caught unawares! Not having expected  this cold wave we had not carried our woollens and we did shiver at Las Vegas!

We had decided to stay at different hotels in Las Vegas to enjoy different experiences. So we had to move to our next hotel and that was Bally’s. Checked out of Luxor and left our luggage there, explored more of the strip and reached Bally’s by 3pm. The check in was cumbersome with a long queue of people. Finally we got our room and reached there.

Bally’s is a 26 storey hotel and casino with no specific theme and like most hotels  has the casino in the ground floor with rooms on the top floors. One of the main features is the Grand Bazaar shops…. Neat rows of shops in a quadrangle catering to every need including restaurants offering cuisine from around the world, retail outlets selling mementos and trinkets, cannabis shops, bars, game parlours etc.

Bally’s Hotel and one of the shops at Grand Bazar

We explored Caesar’s Palace hotel and casino

Caesar’s Palace as the name implies has a Roman theme .It is one of the most popular resorts in Vegas and prides itself in hosting many celebrity shows specially in its main performance arena called The Colosseum.

Once we were inside, we were transported to the Roman times with the entire hotel depicting roman architecture. The novelty is the ceiling which is painted like the sky and so one gets the impression that one is strolling on the streets under a Roman Sky!!!

Inside Ceasar’s Palace( the roman architecture and the ceiling resembling the open sky)

Enjoyed some middle east dishes at the Grand Bazar including some delectable Baklava

Next we headed to Bellagio hotel and Casino

Inspired by Lake Como in the town of Bellagio in Italy, the highlight is an 8 acre lake between the Strip and the Hotel building. Set in great landscape, the lake is beautiful and during the evenings, there is the famous Bellagio Fountain….a musical fountain similar to the Burj Khalifa fountain in Dubai. The picture at the beginning of this blog is that of this famous fountain.

Even inside the hotel building there are many well manicured flower beds and gardens that make this hotel one of the most beautifully designed ones in Vegas.

It was Diwali time and the decoration at Bellagio was in Indian style.

Bellagio Hotel with lake where the fountain plays

Diwali decorations at Bellagio centre court

Beautiful flower beds at Bellagio

Evening we did yet another wonderful resort on the strip…The Venetian

The Venetian together with the adjacent Palazzo resort which is a part of it, is the second largest Hotel in the world.

Needless to say, it resembles Venice…the city of canals. Amazing thought and architectural brains have put together a hotel and casino with canals running through it …complete with gondolas and the boatmen who are synonymous with venice!!!

It includes an indoor shopping area called The Grand Canal Shops and The Convention centre.

The decor transports one to San Marco…or The St. Mark’s  square ; the biggest public square in Venice.

The ceiling is designed to resemble the sky which makes the feel more authentic .

The Grand Canal Shops resembling the ones in San Marco.( Venice)

So friends… take a deep breath…let me take you to Venice for a few minutes….just close your eyes and imagine sitting in one of those gondolas!!!! and the boatmen singing typical Italian tunes…….

The gondolas cruising the canals inside The Venetian…..

Did any of you feel the gondola swaying in the water???…if it did…I have been successful in taking you to Venice…..

From Venice we were instantly transported back to Vegas as we stepped out of the Venetian and walked back to our hotel wonder struck by the sheer expanse and beauty of the resort….

See you next week again at Vegas with a different experience….


(P.S…Ciao is the Italian word for goodbye…..)

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